Gold West Africa restates commitment to build an ecosystem for gold to thrive in Nigeria
 Posted Date : 2020-08-31

Gold West Africa has restated its commitment to building an ecosystem for gold business to thrive in Nigeria. 

Kolade Apata of Gold West Africa said the overall goal at Gold West Africa is to build an ecosystem for gold to thrive, adding that the vision has been kept alive by all the people and institutions working behind the scenes to make this a reality.

He announced the opening of the Kano Gold Souk, which will be located at the Ado Bayero Mall.  In October 2020, the Akani gold soul will house the region’s indigenous gold merchants and goldsmiths.

According to him, it will also serve as the bedrock for the development of viable gold economy in Nigeria and West African region.

Kian Smith Trade & Co. Limited, a gold exploration, mining and processing company also pledged to enhance gold value-chain in Nigeria with the launch of ‘Kano Gold Durbar’.  Aminu Bayero, the Emir of Kano, advocated for the businessmen patronage into gold businesses in the country.

Ado Bayero advised business communities to involve themselves into gold mining because of its significance to the economic and social impacts in society.  He also disclosed that investment into gold business will also benefit the market to grow; we are always calling for the investors into this trade to make sure that gold business thrive.  




ThePunch, August 25, 2020